Areas of practice

  • Corporate Law

    We develop a strong practice in the sphere of Corporate Law, providing our services both in company structuration and in daily assessment that different structures require for their business. In particular, Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez has taken upon itself designing company structures and constituting them later on, negotiating shareholder agreements, syndication of shares, consortiums, joint ventures, etc. We offer as well assessment in IPO’s and in private offerings of securities, we define the matters that are to be submitted to vote in the companies’ assemblies, and we act in representation of shareholders in assemblies and other matters concerning the defense of their interests. We also assess and represent Directors and Receivers, and provide any other service linked with every corporate area in general.


  • Mergers and acquisitions

    One of the principal services that we provide is linked with the purchase and selling of companies, the structuration of them, mergers and divisions, joint ventures, transfers for assets and all type of assessment regarding these type of transactions in general. We have used diverse types of juridical structures, all of them having been adapted to the needs of each specific transaction, having an active participation in obtaining the corresponding authorizations from the Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia or other regulatory organisms. We have a vast experience intervening in these types of processes. Our assessment contemplates the representation of the interests of our clients, the realization of due diligence processes of the companies involved in the transaction – tending to assist our clients in the evaluation of risks and the determination and coverage of occult liabilities or contingencies-, and the negotiation and instrumentation of the different agreements.


  • Foreign investments

    We normally assess all kinds of companies, such as insurance companies and foreign banks in the formation of branch offices and subsidiaries, and in the constitution of new companies in the Republic of Argentina. This integral assessment encompasses concepts of corporate and tax matters, as well as the radication (migratory procedures) of the Directives of said enterprises in our country.


  • Labor law

    The Department of Labor Law is comprised by professionals of vast experience in matters of Labor and Social Security Law, who provide professional services that is orientated towards the need of our clients in said matter. It actively intervenes in individual and collective work issues through legal assessment. It has also participated in numerous collective negotiations that tend to the celebration of collective work agreements. It assists its clients in any potential judicial problems they could face. As an illustrative example, the number of employees that form part of the companies that the firm currently assesses surpasses, as a whole, 10.000 employees, carrying out over 2.000 law suits.


  • Banking and finances operations

    We provide assessment services both to first class banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, both national and international, as in financial operations, such as the combination of debt instruments, guaranteed and non guaranteed loan contracts, letters of credit, transfer and acquisition of credit portfolios, the constitution of common trust funds, financing of specific projects and other arrangements for financing acquisitions and we actively participate in drafting all sorts of banking contracts. We assess a number of clients in operations regarding options, futures, swaps and other derivative products. The aforementioned assessment consists in the negotiation and instrumentation of different contracts tailored in accordance to each circumstance, as well as the adaptation of standard contracts elaborated by different international organisms. After our country’s exit from the “convertibility” period it went through, and the devaluation of its currency in the beginnings of the year 2002, we actively participated in the development of financial instruments that would specifically adequate to the country’s new reality, and in the structuration of financial products that tended to the private financing of exports.


  • Biddings

    In Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez we have a vast experience in bidding procedures, public tenders, privatizations and public company concessions. We have provided legal assessment in these types of transactions, always including the due diligence of the company that is to be privatized, an analysis of the terms of reference and of the regulatory framework, formulation of questions, objections and joint ventures, and the design of the most apt juridical structure for each type of transaction, the drafting and negotiation of all the legal documentation, and the assessment needed for the transfer of the privatized company.


  • Capital market

    We have a vast experience and knowledge of the regulations dictated by the Comisión Nacional de Valores, and the different stock markets of our country. As a result of having participated in various international transactions, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to adequate the different international structures to the particularities of our local law. We have intervened as consultants for different financial entities, who have acted as underwriters in the emission of private debt securities, such as Negotiable Bonds, Eurobonos, Commercial Papers, Floating Rate Notes, etc. We have also actively participated in the constitution of common investment funds, close investment funds, real estate funds, etc. Encouraged by the new juridical framework, we have accompanied the developing of the capital market in our country, intervening in initial public offerings (IPO´s), in the formation of financial trusts funds and other types of securitization processes. The assessment consists in the elaboration of different framework contracts, the adaptation of international contracts to current regulations of the Republic of Argentina, the juridical analysis of the emissary entity, and the verification of the compliance of said regulation to obtain the corresponding authorization for the public offering, by the Comisión Nacional de Valores, the Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, the different stock markets, and other controlling organisms. Our members have specialized in this area of commercial law, completing studies to perfect their expertise both in the country and abroad.


  • Reorganization and Debt Restructuring Processes

    We actively participate in restructuration of debt processes, reorganization proceeding, out-of-court preventive agreements, or else, via private proceedings that tend to negotiate new refinancing schemes of the bank receivables, financial or commercial. In Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez we have suffered a considerable exposure in this particular area of the law, specially after the economic crisis that our country went through in the years 2001 and 2002, having assisted some our clients in the restructuration of their debts with local and international shareholders, including debt certificates and securities with circulation in the United States of America.


  • Energy and Natural Resources

    Oil and Gas: We provide a broad range of legal assessment guided to the area, with vast experience in the development of supply contracts, concessions and all those aspects that cover the needs of companies in the field. Our service also includes legal advice to companies regarding their business relationships with the various service stations’ operators, the legal issues and the resolution of possible conflicts, the negotiation of contracts and concessions for transport and distribution of fuel, project financing, planning offers and tenders for exploration, exploitation and transportation of hydrocarbons, etc. Electricity: Our attorneys have advised companies in the generation, transportation, distribution and commercialization of electricity, representing consortiums, providing legal assistance to the Secretary of Energy and the Regulatory Entity of Electricity (ENRE) in regulatory matters, and in the drafting of contracts for the area.


  • Administrative Law

    We represent our clients’ interests before centralized and / or decentralized agencies, the Federal Government, the Provinces and Municipalities, State Companies, residual entities and regulatory agencies, carrying out all the administrative procedures and claims inherited to the activity they lead. Among them, we can stand out the obtaining of the pertinent authorizations regarding the nature of the transaction, before the National Commission for the Defense of Competence (CNDC), the National Insurance Superintendence, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, the National Securities Commission, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, National Lottery S.E and other relevant agencies.


  • Insurance Law

    We represent and provide advice in all branches of insurance law to international insurance companies. Our service includes the relation with the Superintendencia de Seguros de la Nación and the compliance with the insurance regulatory laws, the relationship of these companies with their brokers, the reinsurance companies, the approval and adaptation of new insurance policies entered into the country by foreign companies, the drafting of general and specific terms of insurance policies, and the advice before the claim of individuals.


  • Litigation - Arbitration and Mediation

    We carry out the commercial, civil, administrative and labor litigation process of our clients, as well as, advising them on subjects related to business law forming an important portfolio of business disputes. We have the infrastructure and qualified personnel for the judicial and extrajudicial defense of the rights of our clients. For these purposes, we have a special department prepared for action or defense in all types of judicial processes, including arbitration and administrative processes. Our action is combined with all types of executions, mortgage, pledge, or any other type, having also, correspondent law firms all around the country to carry out the litigation processes. Our exposure to the international market has led us to start joint actions in our country and abroad, complementing our services with foreign professionals (especially from the cities of Miami and New York). As an appendix of our judicial practice, part of our staff of attorneys usually defends clients in mediation and arbitration processes as well; being part with other important law firms in Argentina of the Business Center of Mediation and Arbitration (CEMA). In this sense, some of our professionals have intervened in the initiation of international arbitration proceedings before the World Bank (ICSID), for the violation of treaties of reciprocal protection of investors, on behalf of foreign companies.


  • Real Estate Law

    Being part of the increasing development of the real estate market, our law firm participates actively in the advising of all types of real estate transactions. Today, we are one of the leading law firms in this area, continuously advising local and foreign investors in the acquisition of properties in Argentina and abroad, in the development of real estate projects and/or financing of acquisitions or projects. Our law firm has participated in many transactions, such us, the creation of real estate trusts, the development of various projects like urban complexes ("Ciudad Pueblo"), closed neighborhoods and country clubs, development of housing and/or office buildings, condominiums, and development of tourist residences. Among the most relevant operations, we gave advice on the acquisition of approximately 1440 hectares in Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires for the development of a new urban complex ("Ciudad Pueblo"); the full advice in the acquisition of an important fraction of land in the Department of Rocha, Uruguay for the development of a touristic luxury residential complex; the acquisition of approximately 400 has. in Guernica, Province of Buenos Aires for the development of an functional urban complex and advice for the corresponding development; the acquisition of several buildings for the construction of residential buildings in the northern area of the Province of Buenos Aires; acquisition of exclusive fractions of land in the towns of Key Biscayne and Bal Harbor, Miami, FL, United States of America, for the construction of urban complexes; purchase and remodeling of a Casino in the town of Dania Beach, Miami, FL; the purchase and sale of agricultural and livestock enterprises and rural fractions in Argentina and Uruguay; and the development of country clubs in the province of Buenos Aires. In most cases, our work included legal and regulatory advice for the acquisition of the corresponding buildings and the development of the projects.


  • Commercial and Business Law

    We provide daily legal advice to clients in commercial and business matters, which include legal advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts (such us: leasing, distribution and supply, franchising, technology transfer, factoring, trust, transportation, etc.) the analysis of specific matters that may arise in our clients’ businesses, and the strategic development of operations regarding this matter.


  • Tax Law

    Within the framework of our general advice, the provision of tax advice services for the complete attention of the businesses that our clients face is not lost. Our service in this area includes advice on issues related to operations belonging to the same economic group, transfers, mergers, spin-offs, and other forms of corporate reorganization, analysis of international treaties to avoid double taxation, analysis of transfer prices, etc.


  • Defense of Competition and Consumer Protection

    We have professionals trained in the Agency for the Defense of Competition and the Consumer, who provide advice in both, administrative and judicial management on disputes of this nature. This type of assessment embraces from the processing of the authorizations for the merger or acquisition of companies and/or assets, to the defense in proceedings and litigation processes, occurred from the compliance of the regulations concerning this matter.