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Our work teams are always led by a partner of our firm.
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Our firm

Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez is a law firm with over 30 years of trajectory.

The firm embodies professionals with ample knowledge in different areas of the Argentinian law and of business in general. Professional practice of Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez consists in preventive judicial assessment and in the defense of our clients’ interests in litigious matter.



If you are interested in forming a part of our team, please email us your CV at


email us your CV at


Pro Bono work

Aware of the social reality and of the lack of resources that affect the Argentinian people, Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez participates as a legal advisor in different organizations of public interest that cannot afford the cost of legal advisement or legal sponsorship.

We have a strong commitment towards the community, reflected in the provision of gratuitous legal services to organizations and to people of scarce economic resources.

Said participation includes legal assessment regarding judicial matters, conflict mediations, corporate aspects, labor law and Consumer Defens