The professional practice of Cibils | Labougle | Ibañez is developed both in the field of preventive judicial advice, and in the defense of the interests of our clients in contentious matters.

Corporate Law

We develop a strong practice in the area of corporate law, providing advice both in the creation of different structures and vehicles, as well as in the daily advice required by the different types of companies in the course of their business. In this regard, CIBILS LABOUGLE IBAÑEZ is in charge of designing corporate structures and their incorporation and registration, negotiating shareholders’ agreements, syndication of shares, consortiums, joint ventures, etc.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

One of the main services we provide is related to the purchase and sale of companies, the structuring of companies, mergers and spin-offs, joint ventures, transfers of goodwill and all advice related to this type of transactions in general. We have used various types of legal structures, adapted to the needs of each transaction, with active participation in obtaining the corresponding authorizations from the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (Argentina’s Antitrust authority) or other regulatory agencies.


Foreign Investments

We usually advise all kinds of foreign companies, insurance companies and banks in the establishment of branches or subsidiaries, and in the incorporation of new companies in Argentina. This comprehensive advice covers corporate and tax concepts, as well as the settlement (immigration procedures) of the directors of such companies in our country.

Labor Law

The Labor Department of the Firm is formed by professionals with wide experience in Labor and Social Security Law, providing professional services oriented to the client’ needs in such matters. They are actively involved in legal advice in individual and collective labor disputes.


Banking and Financial Operations

We provide advisory services to major domestic and foreign banks, finance companies and insurance companies in connection with financial transactions, such as the combination of debt instruments, secured and unsecured loan agreements, letters of credit, assignment and acquisition of credit portfolios, securitization, formation of mutual funds, specific project finance and other acquisition financing arrangements, repo transactions and actively participate in the drafting of all types of banking contracts.


Bidding processes

At CIBILS LABOUGLE IBAÑEZ we have vast experience in bidding processes, public tenders, privatizations and concessions of public companies. We have provided legal advice in this type of transactions, including due diligence of the company to be privatized, analysis of the bidding documents and the regulatory framework, formulation of questions, challenges, creation of consortiums and joint ventures, and design of the most appropriate legal structure for each type of transaction, drafting and negotiation of all legal documentation, and advice on the transfer of the privatized company.

Capital Markets

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the regulations issued by the National Securities Commission and the different stock exchanges and stock markets in our country. By virtue of having participated in several international transactions, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to adapt the different international structures to the particularities of our local law. We have acted as advisors to different financial entities, which have acted as underwriters in the issuance of private debt securities. Likewise, we have actively participated in the incorporation of Mutual Funds, Closed End Money Funds, Real Estate Funds, etc.


Debt Reorganization and Restructuring Processes

We actively participate in debt restructuring processes, through reorganization proceedings, out-of-court reorganization agreements, or through private proceedings aimed at negotiating new refinancing schemes for bank, financial or commercial debts. In CIBILS LABOUGLE IBAÑEZ we have had an important exposure in this area of law especially after the economic crisis suffered by our country during 2001 and 2002, having assisted some of our clients in the restructuring of their liabilities with local and international creditors, including bonds and securities with circulation in the United States of America.

Energy and Natural Resources

We provide a wide range of legal services oriented to the sector, with vast experience in the drafting of supply contracts, concession contracts and all those aspects that cover the needs of companies in the oil and gas area. Our service also includes advising companies on their commercial relationships with the different service station operators, their legal issues and the resolution of potential conflicts arising from such commercial relationships, negotiation of concessions and contracts for the transportation and distribution of fuel, project financing, preparation of bids and tenders for the exploration, exploitation and transportation of hydrocarbons, etc.

Administrative Law

We represent the interests of our clients before centralized and/or decentralized agencies, the federal government, provinces and municipalities, state-owned companies, residual entities and regulatory agencies, carrying out all the administrative procedures, proceedings and claims inherent to the activity they develop. Among them, we can highlight the obtaining of the pertinent authorizations, according to the nature of the transaction, before the National Commission for the Defense of Competition, the Superintendence of Insurance of the Nation, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, the Secretariat of Industry and Commerce, the National Securities Commission, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires S.E. and other pertinent agencies.

Insurance Law

Counting among our clients international insurance companies, we provide advice in all branches of insurance law, including relations with the National Superintendence of Insurance and compliance with the insurance regulatory framework, the relationship of these companies with their brokers, reinsurance companies, the approval and adaptation of plans and new policies entered into the country by foreign companies, the drafting of general and particular conditions of insurance policies, and advice on claims from individuals.

Judicial Proceedings - Arbitration and Mediation

We handle commercial, civil, contentious-administrative and labor lawsuits for clients to whom we provide advice on matters related to business law, and we are in charge of an important portfolio of corporate lawsuits. We have the infrastructure and the appropriate personnel for the extrajudicial and trial defense of our clients’ rights. For this purpose, we have a department specially prepared for the action or defense in all types of judicial processes of knowledge and universal, and those that arise in administrative or arbitral proceedings.


Real Estate / Real Estate Law

With the increasing development of the real estate market, our firm actively participates in advising on all types of real estate transactions. Today we are one of the leading law firms in this area, continuously advising local and foreign investors in the acquisition of properties in Argentina and abroad, in the development of real estate projects and/or in the financing of acquisitions or projects.


Commercial and Business Law

We provide daily legal advice to clients on commercial and corporate matters, including legal advice, negotiation and drafting of contracts in general (leasing, distribution and supply, franchising, technology transfer, factoring, trust, transportation, logistics, etc.), the treatment of specific issues that arise in the progress of our clients’ businesses, and the strategic development of operations.

Tax Law

Within the framework of our general advice, we also provide tax advisory services for the most complete attention of the business that our clients face. Our services in this area include advice on issues related to operations belonging to the same economic group, transfers, mergers, spin-offs and other forms of corporate reorganization, analysis of international treaties to avoid double taxation, transfer pricing analysis, etc.


We have professionals who provide advice both in the administrative and judicial management of cases of this nature. This type of service ranges from the processing of the necessary authorizations for the merger or acquisition of companies and/or assets, to the defense in summary proceedings and litigation arising from the application of the regulations concerning this matter.

Consumer protection

CIBILS LABOUGLE IBAÑEZ provides advice in consumer defense, assisting in several cases and in a wide variety of class actions for a large number of clients, including banks, insurance companies, financial and real estate companies. We also assist and represent large companies operating in the retail market in consumer-related matters, class actions and in their day-to-day operations.

Family Businesses

We provide answers to the many legal, tax and inheritance issues that arise either within an economic group or within the family business. We maintain an approach that adapts to the complex reality of this type of companies, in order to contribute to the management of decision making, including succession planning.


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